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The Gentleman's Tailor specialises in crafting British bespoke tailoring at its finest. We create beautifully individual, high-end bespoke suits, shirts and luxury sartorial clothing at a fair price.

Our tailored suits are hand-made in England and combine the very best in manufacturing, with the finest British and Italian cloths.

Each of our bespoke garments, have been handmade in the heart of Yorkshire, using luxury British fabrics with exquisite detail, to create timeless masterpieces, which you will cherish for years.

Bespoke Tailoring

Handmade to Suit You

The Amalfi Spring/Summer Collection 2022

New for Spring/Summer 2022 - The Amalfi Range for Holidays, Weddings and Bespoke Casual Wear

Bespoke Suit Amalfi Range

Tailoring Process

How we Work

During your first appointment our tailors will help you choose from our luxury range of fabrics and styles, to ensure your suit looks and feels beautiful. We have thousands of luxury British cloths, suitable for every sartorial occasion. We’ll take 15 body measurements to ensure your bespoke garment fits perfectly.

At our factory, in Yorkshire, we create a pattern based on your personal measurements. We then hand cut your fabric and hand-stitch the bodice ready for your first fitting.

Your first fitting is important,  it allows us to ensure the cloth sits on your body correctly,  hanging and complementing your body in all the right places – finding the perfect balance. Only the very best tailors will include this stage in the fitting process. Although it takes a little longer, it ensures your suit is perfect.

Once we’re happy with the first fitting we take your suit and deconstruct it to a flat piece of fabric. We carefully hand-cut any alterations and put your suit back together. We will include the lining and key components

Your second fitting is used to tweak certain elements of your suit and ensure you are happy with the fit. At this stage you’ll be able to see your suit taking shape.

We take your suit back to our factory where we will make any additional alterations. Your garment is hand-finished and pressed to ensure it goes out in its finest form. Our team of pattern cutters and garment technologists ensure your tailored suit is the best in your wadrobe.

Bespoke Fitting


I play rugby and find that I never quite fit my suits. I decided to try out a tailored suit and shirt from the Gentleman’s Tailor. I didn’t know what to expect. I was very impressed, the suit fits me perfectly. I look and feel brilliant. Although I would like to buy a new suit each month I can’t realistically afford it, but they’ll be no going back to off the peg suits for me. I will go to ‘The Gentleman’s Tailor’ every time I need a new suit.

Daniel Elliot

I have had several bespoke suits and shirts made from a tailors in London. Having recently relocated to York I thought I would try a new tailoring service. I was delighted with the results and the service. There’s little tweaks here and there that have been missing from my wardrobe for years. I was also surprised at the price – the quality and craftsmanship was equal to my tailor in London, but it cost me half the price. I would recommend Matthew to everyone.

Ross Counsell

I booked an appointment with Matthew at The Gentleman’s Tailor to get a suit fitting for my sister’s wedding. I was looking for something different, out of the ordinary, which suited my style, but that would remain timeless. Matthew was fantastic from the outset, arranging a series of appointments to ensure that the suit was made for me – making exact adjustment that you just don’t get from an off-the-shelf suit.

The fabric selection was amazing – giving me the opportunity to pick each element, and Matthew gave me honest advice in terms of colour selection and matching the linings – above and beyond a normal service. He really wanted to make sure I was happy with every element, and clearly is really passionate about his work. I’d highly recommend The Gentleman’s Tailor to anyone looking for a tailor-made service and style – absolute perfection!

Ravinder Rall

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