As Spring approaches, we emerge from our hibernation of covering up in frumpy winter jumpers. Want to know how to update your wardrobe to look sophisticated this spring? Take inspiration from The Gentleman’s Tailor and London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week catwalks to bloom into this season.

Stone Season: Progressing from last summer’s on trend slates and greys, this season calls for neutral mineral tones. Stone colours work well for both casual and formal wear. You’ll see these shades everywhere this spring- from retro sportswear to checked suits and coats. Stone tones lie between white and beige and are a great alternative to those because they compliment any skin tone without leaving you looking washed out. Valentino and Missoni collections  paired subtle mineral tones with pastels and earthier tones to modernize their looks. While Louis Vuitton channeled contemporary style perfectly, with sandy trench coats and stunning pebble tailored suits, in his highly anticipated Paris Fashion Week catwalk. The Gentleman’s tailor sources luxury fabrics from quality merchants used by many Savile Row tailors. If you too desire an bespoke suit or cashmere coat, like those worn in the most prestigious postcodes in London, Paris and Milan, contact us about this season’s complementary fabrics and cuts.

Stripes VS. Squares: Pinstripes- they’re dominating this season. However checks are a close competitor. Plenty of designers used vertical stripes but that’s where the similarities ended! Designers like Fendi and Ami experimented with the width of their trouser stripes- clashing dark chunky stripes with pastels to create a striking look. Whether you’re influenced by these more adventurous designs or a fan of the solid pinstripe, The Gentleman’s Tailor caters for all gentlemen with our expertly tailored trousers; half-lined with lightweight silk. Checks are equally popular this spring. With pinstripes fully revived, the anticipated return of the windowpane check is here. Paul Smith echoed this in his outwear and tailoring designs. Although you’ll be able to find these designs replicated everywhere, the difference of a Gentleman’s Tailor suit is that it’s unique to you. Bespoke and on trend. We have a wide variety of luxury checked and tweed patterned fabrics to choose from.

Plush Pinks: Gentleman, spring’s collections will leave you blushing! Gucci caught everyone’s eye with a beautifully tailored dusty rose suit. Topshop’s two-piece suits followed the same pink vibe but with calmer pastel shades. If an entirely pink ensemble seems a little daring to you, why not team a neutral toned suit with a bolder silk shirt? The Gentleman’s tailor craft premium silk shirts in an array of styles/colours to fit you perfectly. Be confident with your style coordination.

Trends for spring 2017 definitely evidence how the fashion industry are pushing boundaries with bolder patterns and colours. We’re delighted to see how many fashion conscious gentlemen are following suit!



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