About Us

Matthew Wignall The Gentleman's Tailor

At The Gentleman’s Tailor we specialise in crafting beautifully individual, high-end men’s suits, shirts and jackets.

You can choose from thousands of styles, luxury fabrics and beautiful linings to create the perfectly fitted garment.

Offering a unique and personal tailoring experience, our team are at-hand to help you create beautiful personalised garments.

Our fine fabrics are sourced from across the British-Isles, we continue to update our collection to always offer you the finest choice of cloths and linings. Our range includes: 120’s -160’s, tweeds, flannels, silks, luxury cashmeres, fine herringbones and more, or, if requested, we can work with a selection of your own materials.

Our luxury style is affordable and unique to you. It’s time to be bespoke!

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