Just bought the perfect bespoke suit? wanting to keep it forever? Well follow this easy guide and you’ll be one step closer to achieving suit perfection…

So… You’ve just purchased a beautiful bespoke suit and it makes you look amazing! One of the biggest questions our customer’s ask is, is how they can retain the shape, fit and condition of their suit to ensure that it stands the test of time. Here is a quick guide to how you can care for your bespoke suit:

Invest in Hangers: 

In sounds like the most obvious statement EVER, however, we, as men can sometimes neglect basic principles of hanging up our clothes. Ensure that you have a strong, thick coat hanger for your suit jackets. This will ensure that the shoulders retain their shape and the jacket remains the correct shape.

Keep your Suit Stored properly:

It is best to keep your suit stored on separate hangers, it is believed that if they are hung separately, this will allow them to breathe and fresh.

Wrinkle free:

If you hang your suit up correctly, there should be no wrinkles! However, if you have a steamer at home this is the preferred method to take out any nasty wrinkles. Also a good steam will allow you to refresh your suit. However if that’s not enough – try one of our Scissett Mohair suits from Huddersfield Cloth. Wrinkles will be a thing of the past – these suits ensure that you can drive to your business meeting and get out your car wrinkle free.


Dry clean your suit 5 to 6 times every year. If you over dry clean the suit, it won’t keep its fresh quality. This is due to the natural fibres in the suit. If you spill a glass of wine or find an ink stain, ask your dry cleaner to spot clean only, this will ensure that you don’t have to dry clean the whole suit.


Is your suit is becoming shiny due to rubbing in certain areas? This can simply be caused by rubbing against your desk at work whilst typing, or on your knees if you’re always dropping your! This is caused by the fibres in the suit being compressed. This is common of any fabric item and easily resolved. Invest in a fabric brush, which can be rubbed on the shiny areas, which will then solve the problem.

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