Organising an outdoor wedding in the British summertime can be unpredictable, to say the least. You can understand why couples opt for a picturesque sandy beach on the Amalfi Coast or French Riviera, where you’re pretty much guaranteed glorious sunshine throughout summer. Either way, a lot of careful thought and planning will have gone into choosing the perfect destination for your big day. Therefore, it’s vital to achieve a look that compliments the scenery and bridal party. The Gentleman’s Tailor has a few 2017 trend tips to have you, and your groomsmen, looking and feeling cool for the entirety of your summer wedding:


Love Linen

Linen is a synonymous with summer and a suave staple for suits. Among other things, it’s practical and lightweight so the go-to choice for summer. Additionally, Linen breathes and is expected to have a few creases because of how much more movement the fabric allows. So no need to worry over a few wrinkles! Linen in a natural shade fits a beach setting perfectly. Equally natural shades provide a canvas for combining with accessories of bolder shades and busier patterns.

In the colour scheme of things

Natural shades of linen and light tones, stone, cream and beige, reflect the sunlight which keeps you cool and avoids unsightly sweat patches seeping through your suit! Pastel shades are always popular in the summer months, especially for bridesmaid dresses, as they’re fresh and cheerful. Luckily pastels compliment lighter tones so embrace them by matching  lilac or peach ties to your groomsmen. If there’s one golden rule; avoid white on white. This combination is striking for all the wrong reasons and is a sure fire way to make your outfit look dated, opt for stones and creams instead.

Styles for the summer season have showcased linen suits in chambray blue which is a soft faded fabric (similar to light denim). Again this look would compliment pastel shades very well. Alternatively, a strong striped tie in block colours of blue would give a more formal appearance, if that’s what you prefer.

Olives aren’t just a great addition to a martini. Olive tones flatter most skin tones and would be a perfect contemporary choice for a darker linen suit.

If you’re a gentleman who favors a more business-like approach, navy blue has a more corporate feel and makes for a versatile suit suitable for a number of occasions. Opt for navy linen in a slim and structured cut.


Always remember good suit jacket etiquette. Single breasted styles should boast one or two buttons, while double breasted styles should remain fully buttoned at all times, in spite of how sweaty it is! But, is it okay not to wear a jacket? Normal school rules still apply, top button done up and shirt tucked in! However, you can afford for more relaxed groomsmen attire to compensate for a warmer climate. You don’t necessarily have to go barefoot on the beach but it’s important you feel comfortable. Alas, a dark three-piece suit is probably impractical in 30 degree heat. Waistcoats are a more practical alternative to a full suit jacket and it’s totally acceptable not to wear one. In fact, nowadays plenty of groomsmen choose to avoid waistcoats and jackets, in the summer months, all together. Instead, opting for a pair of braces and bow-tie to formalize the outfit. There’s nothing wrong with a turned up sleeve or bare ankle either.

How to accessorize your perfectly tailored suit:

There’s nothing better you can gift your bespoke linen suit than a fresh, clean oxford shirt. Cotton and linen shirts in white, or a lightly patterned variant, keep you cool and avoid those unsightly sweat patches! Accessories are what add personality to your outfit so let you creative juices flow. If you’ve selected a more subtle lighter suit, you can add intrigue with bold and patterned accessories. A floral tie pin is a summer-appropriate addition to a pocket square, while ties should come crafted from silk and knotted in a half Windsor. Choose pale pink, lilac or blue to compliment a pastel theme. Bow-ties can be more appropriate for an evening outfit and look particularly sophisticated with a pair of braces.

It’s important that every element of the outfit works and compliments the rest, right down to your toes. What to put on your feet? Try teaming a brown pair of brogues with chino suit trousers in a summery colour such as: navy or beige/stone, which will tie in nicely with your shoes. Or black brogues if you’re looking for classic formality. In addition, loafers are a stylish shoe associated more with summer than anything and are being incorporated into groomsmen outfits. They’re such a versatile piece to own as they can be worn casually or for a formal occasion, perfect for summer as a transitional piece.