Yorkshire Wool to Suit: How Yorkshire became the most important destination for fine fabrics and classic tailoring.

Even before the domestication of sheep shearing, wool has been widely available as clothing. During Medieval Britain, wool became hugely popular among all classes: from the wealthy land-owners to people working in the fields. The very best weavers of the time were based in Belgium, whilst their finest cloth produced from British sheep. The order for fine fabrics exploded across Europe and the demand for best quality British wool was in high demand. The many centuries British wool became the backbone of the economy, whereas rich landowners would often count their wealth by the number sheep that they kept.

At the beginning of the 19thcentury when the industrial revolution was born, Britain was at the heart of the world’s manufacturing and Leeds in particular became the heart of the woollen and textile industry.  The development of the Leeds Liverpool canal and the rail infrastructure across Britain allowed for the transport of in and out of factories. Wool was shipped across the British Empire as far away as Australia and New Zealand, travelling into the heart of Yorkshire to be manufactured into the world’s best fabrics.

Lambs Wool

The Yorkshire woollen industry continued into the mid 19thcentury making the finest cloths available anywhere on the planet. Today only a few mills remain in Yorkshire, however Leeds and neighbouring towns like Otley, Ilkley and York still remain the number one place to buy quality fabrics the world over.

Today, the north of England is still a key component in the textile and fashion industry. The vast majority of Savile row tailors purchase their bespoke suit cloth from mills and merchants still trading in Yorkshire. Savile Row is considered as the best tailors’ money can buy, many of the tailor houses produce their own garments here in England and use only British cloth. It is still highly desirable to purchase a bespoke suit made in England, using the very best British fabrics. Savile Row tailors make beautiful suits for Royalty, celebrities, Presidents and more.

To pay homage to the rich heritage of the Yorkshire wool revolution, The Gentleman’s Tailor – men’s Bespoke tailor in Leeds, Harrogate and York, have put together a service that spans just 40 kilometres: from sheep to suit. The wool is sheered within the Yorkshire Dales, woven in Huddersfield, tailored and manufactured in Leeds.

Yorkshire Wool

Your Bespoke Tailor in Leeds: Benefit From Bespoke Tailoring In Leeds City Centre

Over the past decade the city of Leeds has grown and transformed into a bustling hub for business, wealth and pleasure. Hotels, restaurants and shops carrying leading brands have transformed the face of this thriving city.

‘The Gentleman’s Tailor’ has extended its bespoke men’s suit service to Leeds. Our city centre office allows us to meet with our clients when they’re out shopping for the latest men’s suits. In addition to our city centre personal, appointment rooms we can visit your home, work and/or a convenient location of your choosing.

Arrange an appointment to meet with one of our  expert tailors today, who will book you into a 45 minute appointment. Our men’s tailors in Leeds are on-hand to help you choose the right suit for you. We specialise in wedding suits for men3 piece suitsdouble breasted suitsbusiness suits, tuxedos and any other formal suits for men. Our tailors will discuss your individual requirements and style choices. You can choose from our extensive range of fabrics, linings and colours. Our  tailors in Leeds will also offer an individual image consultation, measurement, fitting and styling as part of The Gentleman’s Tailor service.

It’s time for you to take charge of your wardrobe and book an appointment to meet with our men’s tailor in Leeds and start creating your beautiful bespoke suits today.

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