Choosing a bespoke shirt? We give you our top tips to look out for, to ensure that your bespoke shirt is the perfect fit and style.

Firstly, there are thousands of options when choosing a shirt, whether that’s off the peg, designer, or bespoke. The difference between off the peg and bespoke might surprise you – it’ll will have less of an impact on your wallet and more of an impact on your overall look!

Shirts are most often the most important aspects of any man’s wardrobe – you might wear a shirt to work, to make a good impression in the boardroom, or to a bar to make a lasting impression on a first date. The key is to buy a shirt that looks and feels great.

A ready-to-wear shirt will often be either slightly too small, or big, that’s because the shirts are manufactured with averages in mind. Therefore, if you’re well built, have muscles or tall/small you’re going to struggle to find something perfect. Therefore, often shirt makers will over compensate on the sizing and they’ll often look baggy in places.

The price of a high-end designer shirt will most often outweigh the cost of a bespoke shirt. However, the sizing is often cuts on average and might not fit all sizes. Unless you’re loyal to a particular brand, you are more likely going to look and feel better in a shirt that sits and fits perfect to your body.

Shirts are a dynamic and essential item in every man’s wardrobe and therefore it’s important that you choose wisely.

A well-fitted shirt can be versatile and worn for a number of different occasions! Choosing a bespoke garment also gives you control of the colour, fabric and fit, in addition to smaller details like the buttons, the collar and cuffs.

There’s many factors to consider when choosing a bespoke shirt:

Fabric Quality:

Fabric quality is key, it’s important to choose a shirt that has a high metric yarn count. The higher the yarn count the better quality the shirt. A beautiful bespoke shirt should feel soft and delicate. When you try on a new bespoke shirt should feel crisp to the touch.

When you decide to place an order try and think about where you’ll likely wear your new bespoke shirt, a work shirt should be a more durable and potential lesser thread count, whereas a nice bespoke shirt for your wedding should be higher thread count, which will breathe a little easier and more delicate.

It is also important to think about the pattern up the colour and making sure that this matches your occasion.

Personalise Your Shirt

Every bespoke shirt is customizable. That means you choose the cuffs, collar, shape and additional details. One of the very cool things about a bespoke shirt is the capabilities to embroider names or initials onto your shirt.

We have a number of grooms who are getting married asking for the date and initials of their bride to be etched onto their suits. This is a very personal and beautiful way to remember your big day.

Cuffs and Collars

The cuff and the collar are one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a fine bespoke shirt. When you choose your collar, you should always consider whether you are wearing a tie or not, or the dimensions of your face.

For your cuffs, we recommend that you decide whether you want French cuffs, or buttons. If you go for French cuffs try and find nice pair of cuff links that complement your style.

The most important consideration when buying a bespoke shirt is to enjoy yourself when making the purchase. Do the research and find a style that you love. A bespoke shirt should give you confidence in every occasion.