Bespoke Tailoring

A stylish, distinctive and tailored business suit is synonymous with professionalism and influence in the workplace. What you wear to work, makes an impact. ‘The Gentleman’s Tailor’ can help you be a cut above the competition; creating for you a subtly sophisticated men’s suit so you will look and feel at your business best.

A well-made bespoke suit is an essential business tool, helping you create the right impressions. By discussing your needs through our image consultation service, we can help you to redefine your business wardrobe and make a stylish impact in your work place.

Moving away from uniformity, tailoring in business has become a personal statement; an expression of style and refinement. ‘The Gentleman’s Tailor’s’ range of sophisticated bespoke suits, shirts and jackets create a style that makes you look and feel professional.

Clothes make the man. Naked People have little or no influence in society.
Mark Twain

The Perfect 3-Piece Suit

Our stylish men’s three piece suits are suitable for the discerning business man, looking to make the very best impressions.  Our three piece suits are elegant and refined. Ask your tailor to help you pick from the very best men’s suit styles. Choose from our extensive range of luxury fabrics to create your unique bespoke suit

Our 3 piece suits look impeccable as a stylish set, or simply match your tailored vest and trousers to create a casual chic statement. Our tailors are here to help you make the right decisions – you choose from classical styling or cool contemporary.

Bespoke Tweed Suit