The Groom, Groomsmen and Father of the Bride

You’ve found your soulmate, the perfect partner, the one that you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with! You’ve spent that last 6 months scrimping and saving to afford a ring that your queen deserves. You plan the perfect location, make sure you’re wearing your best tailored suit, you take a deep breath, before going down on one knee to ask that important question… And she/he says… YES (of course!)

Your dreams have come true and it’s now time to plan the perfect wedding. But before you get started you’ll need to think carefully about a few major decisions: Who’s my best man? Do I choose Gianni your house mate at University: he now works in the City, loves to rock n’ roll, will throw you the best stag party on planet earth, but could be a liability when detailing your past during those wedding speeches! Or do I choose Jack – down to earth, mum likes him and organised. Arghhh the decisions!!!

So you choose Jack. Probably for the best.

9 months to plan your wedding, not much time at all. Now your partner has been planning the perfect wedding since childhood and within 24 hours her and your new mother-in-law have teamed up to become somewhat of a tour-de-force – they’ve planned every last detail. They’ve found the perfect wedding dress, the wedding venue, colour scheme, wedding cake, guestlist, seating arrangements and every little detail in-between. They have however decided that you might have enough responsibility to find your wedding suit and plan a modest bachelor party!

It’s time to get serious! You hit the shops with all the best intentions in the world – you’re going to find the perfect wedding suit. First you visit your favourite designer outlets, but nothing seems to strike your interest or fits properly! You end the day empty handed, sat in a bar feeling dejected!

You get home and talk with your fiancée about finding the perfect suit. She tells you that they’ve decided on the weddings colour plan and that she’d want you to find something blue and potentially orange, to go with her choice of flowers. Things have just become serious –

Orange Fabric

After a sleepless night and endless googling for ‘tailored suits’, it’s time to get advice. You call in the entourage…

The next day you arrange to meet your best man on the golf course and discuss this sartorial dilemma. You tell Jack that you’re worried that the suits you’ve found aren’t going to live up to your partners expectations and certainly not in-line with her colour palette! You show him your chosen few suits, though he thinks you can do better! Jack starts asking questions that you simply haven’t thought of: Do we wear matching suits? Will the father of the bride’s suit be the same as the best man’s suit? Lucky for you, Jack knows a thing or two about fine bespoke tailoring ad in his honest opinion suggests that you see his tailor.

Now, this is very new to you, you only ever wear a smart jacket to business meetings, dates with your fiancée and to the odd golf event! The idea of going to a tailor seems a little excessive. However, Jack convinces you that you only get married once and that you should look and feel your best on the biggest day of your life. He’s right!

You talk with your fiancée, who now has everything in place. Thank goodness you only had one job! You agree that the wedding budget cover suits for your best man and father of the bride. You calls Jack’s tailor and arrange an appointment to visit on a Saturday when you’re all free.

The Gentleman's Tailor Harrogate

The week has been busy and Saturday rolls around faster than anticipated. You’ve given your tailoring options no further thought.

You arrive at the tailors early and are welcomed in and settle on a drink whilst you flick through options. Jack and father of the bride arrive and join you for a quick drink whilst you talk amongst yourselves.

The tailoring experience starts off by looking through fabric books and deciding on options. There’s a number of fabrics that jump right out. Your tailor talks you through what would look best on your colouring, this is something that you have never thought about beforehand! The entourage settles on a beautiful, mohair blue fabric, which will look fantastic at both the ceremony and party. The only problem is that there’s no orange. You bring this dilemma up with the tailor and he offers some fantastic suggestions – ‘how about your lining in orange, or a simple pocket square or tie’. What a wonderful idea you think to yourself!

You then discuss details: whether you’re going to wear a flower on your lapel, if your suit is to be hand finished and further details to ensure the suit is perfect for your wedding day.
You and your team are measured for your new tailored wedding suit. The whole experience has been fun, easy and rewarding and you leave confident that you have found the perfect suit for a wedding.

Now that you’re happy and ready for the big day, you’ll have to choose where the stag party will take place.

Tailored Wedding Suit

Tailored wedding party fittings are popular among grooms who are finding it difficult to choose the perfect suit. A tailor can always help you find the perfect suit for a wedding and can cater to large groups. Bring your entourage down and we’ll find you the perfect suit for your big day!